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“In the annals of books about Bob Dylan — there is no book like this one.  It is second only to Dylan’s own Chronicles in being the most poetic book on the subject,  and stands alone at being the most romantic” ~
Paul Zollo,   American Songwriter magazine,  May 2016

“Britta Lee Shain’s CD, What the Heart Wants,  should come with a warning label:  “This album may be addictive.”  Shain’s unique brand of cool,  bluesy folk-rock is more than “that good.”  It is compelling” ~
J.  Morris,,  September 2016

“A female Tom Waits…”
Pacific Coast Highway
~Linda Kordek,  The Agency Group

“One of the best songs I’ve heard all year!”
America The Beautiful
~Russell Paris,  host,  Russ & Julie’s House Concerts

“Britta Lee Shain sings with grit and passion, some of the colors you don't get as often as you want to from the palette of singer/songwriters.  I like the way she takes on the discovery of where a relationship is heading by the road it travels,  literally or metaphorically.  Ride with her, you'll enjoy the trip.”
~Sonnie Brown,  Host of SongTown on Public Radio KCB

Press Kit

Press Kit and Photos

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